Monday, 3 March 2014

You're Losing Money by Not Using Avo Cigar
Puffing from an Avo isn’t just about smoking experience. In fact, it is all about taking pleasures in subtle and sometimes overwhelming flavors of these prestigious cigars. Avo’s grand cigars and myriad flavor profile is what makes them must have. And if you are a cigar lover and not using Avo, then sadly you are losing all your money!
Avo is a result of collaboration between Avo Uvezian and Hendrik Kelner along with Davidoff. Yes, Uvezian is the same guy who penned Sinatra’s ‘Strangers in the Night.’ He, along

Considering that Avo has endless varieties of cigars , investing on the brand is perhaps one of the best ways to ensure that you get the best flavors for the price. In fact, cigar connoisseurs even believe that if you don’t have Avo on your list of cigars then you are probably just wasting and losing your money. Want to know why? Well, the brand produces some of the following popular vitolas, which makes them a must have for cigar lovers-

Domaine Avo - One of the most popular, this one isn’t just about an excellent draw and burn. It is all about enjoying earthy balance. Hint of orange peel and cumin makes it rich and elegant.
Heritage Short Torpedo-Love Chocolate? Well, this cocoa wrapper will certainly woo you. It is a full bodied smoke with heady leather and spice notes that any expert level cigar smoker would love to puff. Hint of earthy touch is accentuated by cocoa bean.

75th Anniversary- You are not a true cigar lover if you haven’t laid your hands on it. Don’t lost money; invest on the 75th Anniversary edition, which boasts of firm bunch, rounded heady, toasty coffee flavor and subtle amalgamation of nuts. The best part- the flavor of this one improves as it ages!
No. 3- This one is an absolute value for investment and a joy to smoke. Packed with tobacco, hint of chocolate and spice, it is wonderful and the flavors are long lasting!

With Davidoff’s reputation and Kelner’s Cigar making skills brought out perfect cigars, which results in one terrific smoke. One can imagine their fan base considering that the brand sells over 2 million super premium sticks annually. Constructed from finest of the premium leaves, showing shade wrapper and boasting of Dominican filler leaves, Avo cigars are one of those products that offer value for every cent spent! Consequently, the cigar lover gets creamy, smooth taste, subtle flavors and wonderful aroma that heightens the senses and stimulates mind.
Domaine Avo 20- It is an erroneous belief that Avo doesn’t have great products for beginners. In fact, the brand has special Domaine Avo 20, which is a fine draw designed to warm up slowly, showing leather and earth notes along with rich, woody flavor.
With exceptional varieties, long lasting flavors and incredible puffs, Avo is the brand that you must not miss upon.


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