Sunday, 23 February 2014

Things You Can Do To Quit Smoking

Smoking tobacco causes around 5 million deaths throughout the world every year. But it is an easily preventable cause of death. Saving your life is in your hands only. The tar contained in traditional cigarettes not only causes the lung cells to die but also destroys the cilia. Cilia is the hair lining in upper airways which protect against infections.

 Quitting is beneficial for you and also for people who are exposed to second hand smoke. Regeneration of cilia which is not paralysed starts in about three days of quitting, and the lining tissue of the windpipe would slowly revert back to its normal condition. But quitting smoking is not an easy task because overcoming the nicotine addiction is very difficult. It causes severe and disturbing withdrawal symptoms. And a smoker usually succumbs to their urge for nicotine once again.

The launch of electronic cigars and cigarettes which have the potential to help people quit smoking has stormed the markets with more smokers willing to give it a try. Many researchers claim that it can help smokers kick the habit completely. There are various types of flavoured electronic cigarette available in the market you can opt for one with a flavour of your favourite fruit, beverages or chocolates. You can start with the starter kits that have E cigarettes with various concentrations of nicotine. And gradually you can move on to lower levels of nicotine and ultimately go for the electronic cigarette without nicotine.

There are several alternatives to tobacco other than electronic cigars like nicotine gums, nicotine patches, nicotine inhalers etc. But all of this works great as long as you keep using them. But research shows that unlike electronic cigars you cannot control their dosage and they are also not a permanent solution because once you stop using them you get the urge to start smoking once again.
So give E cigarettes a try and you will see that you will come out with flying colours as you will be able to fight and kill the habit of smoking forever.

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