Wednesday, 16 July 2014

Review of EP Carrillo cigars

The cigar making saga for every Ernesto Perez-Carrillo comes from the mastermind behind La Gloria Cubana. The brand is well known across the globe for being a full-bodied, full-flavored, blockbuster brand. Here is a detailed review on a few cigars of this brand for your benefit.

The brand has a legendary past and today, Ernesto has branched out to create a series of delicious super-premiums. These are christened as the delicious E.P Carrillo cigars. Recently these stogies won a spot amongst the world’s top 25 cigars for a reason. Their 92 point rating specified that these cigars render a creamy, subtly spicy flavor that gives off a leathery note with hints of black-cherry sweetness.

They come in a variety of shapes such as Churchill, Corona, Gordo, Presidente, Pyramid, Robusto and Toro. Ecuador-Sumatra wrappers are used in these Dominican Republic originated cigars.

Some E.P. Carrillo cigars:

  • After taking a puff off the celebrated E.P. Carrillo Club 52, we knew that it is an above average maduro for it has a noticeably smoother draw which is consistent in every stick! It is highly recommended for maduro smokers and they can invest happily in a No. 4 5 pack.
  • The Churchill special is also praiseworthy for it renders a spicy and fairly full-bodied taste. It is not overwhelming, yet rich, spicy and everything that a perfect cigar should be like.
  • The Edicion Limitada Dark Rituals 2011 is different! It is mild, renders an awesome after taste for it is a great cigar and renders awesome taste. 

Best thing about investing in these cigars is that they are worth every dollar and promise a wholesome cigar smoking experience that can be enjoyed in a leisurely manner.

Why Gurkha is a Perfect Choice for Cigar Enthusiasts?

If there is product that defines finesse and perfection in the world of cigars, then it is the Gurkha brand. The company specializes in hand-rolled cigars and is known far and wide for manufacturing premium products only.

Our cigar spies have revealed that these premium stogies are blended by K. Hansotia himself. Under the guidance of such an expert, every Gurkha cigar encompasses an unrivaled aspiration be the industry’s finest blend. Besides, only the rarest and the best tobaccos are made use of in the Gurkha cigars.

Gurkha cigars have a rich history and have a deep rooted origin in India. Today they are manufactured in full scale in America and have earned a loyal fan base. The brand has been continuing to deliver quality cigars that come with a wide array of blends; each one of them is sure to please the palate of both veterans and beginner enthusiasts.

 Some premium cigar names from the Gurkha family are as follows:

1. The Gurkha 125th Anniversary Special Edition Connecticut XO has a size of 6x60 and is preferred amongst cigar aficionados who love medium strength puffs.

2. Similarly, the Gurkha 125th Anniversary Special Edition Maduro XO is also a medium strength stogie that originated in the Dominican Republic and comes in a regular shape.

3. Strong cigar lovers enjoy the full bodies Gurkha Evil XO that originates from Honduras and comes with a flavorsome Oscuro wrapper.

Similarly, there are many more popular brands in the Gurkha family. Almost all of them are celebrated cigars that are loved by enthusiasts the world over. No wonder Gurkha cigars are a perfect choice for cigar enthusiasts.