Sunday, 19 January 2014

Ashton Cigars- One of the Finest Cigars

High end cigars from Ashton Cigars are very popular amongst cigar aficionados across the globe. These cigars are hand rolled by experts at the Chateau Fuente factories. Basically these cigars are mild to medium-bodied and go best with a not so strong drink. This Dominican cigar comes in a Connecticut shade wrapper encompassing a deftly rich flavor that climaxes with a short and succinct finish. Besides every puff off an Ashton has a toasty aroma that is filled with competing flavors of wood and cashew nuts; this is complemented with a light yet spicy aftertaste.

The Ashton Classis is a perfectly constructed stogie that lets one draw out a smooth blend easily. The smoke is a milky cloud that further enriches the experience. Besides every Ashton burn perfectly right from the start to the finish without any flaw or blemish. One just has to keep aside an hour or two of leisure time to actually enjoy an Ashton completely. Most Ashton fans enjoy puffing on their favorite cigar brand in a laid-back social gathering at home or in an unruffled pub.

Ashton cigars are available at affordable rates and can be bought in singles or packs of 5 and 25. One must store their favorite Ashton cigars in functional humidors and age them a little to extract the most out of these hand-made cigars. This solid Dominican stogie has an element of surprise in every puff and this suspense cannot be described in words. One has to draw a smoke from a genuine Ashton to know the difference.


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