Thursday, 31 October 2013

Why Humidors are Important for Cigar Keeping?

There isn’t a doubt about the fact that cigars are quite popular all over the world. Every year, hundreds and thousands of cigar aficionados and beginners buy cigars and keep them as their prized collections. If you are one of those who love cigars, then there is one thing that you should have- a humidor. Humidors are cigar boxes that are known for keeping cigars in perfect environment, ensuring that the cigar doesn’t lose its flavor and charm. These products, whether regular or the glass top humidors are known for keeping a constant temperature and constant humidity at which cigars thrive.
There are several kinds of humidors available online. These include beautiful glass top humidors that allow one to showcase their prized collections and also travel humidors which are portable and can carry up to 10 cigars. Apart from these, Cabinet humidors are also popular. They resemble to a piece of furniture and can hold 1000-5000 cigars.

But the most common types of cigar humidors are personal humidors, which are used by smokers to keep cigars in their personal storage. Such humidors, like the glass top ones are aesthetic in nature and can hold up to 100 cigars.

While buying humidors, make sure that you buy a product that offers maximum cigar protection benefits, is distributed by a company that provides free shipping and has a brand value attached to it. The aesthetic qualities could also be a choice factor while buying a humidor.

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Tuesday, 15 October 2013

Ordering Cigars Online

Love flor de las antillas cigars? Want some good Padron Cigars? If yes, then ordering favorite cigars online is the best option for you. Ordering cigars through online portals is quite easy, ensures timely delivery and makes sure that you buy something that is in budget as well as fulfilling for your requirements.

For ordering items such as flor de las antillas cigars online, one must start by choosing an online portal. This portal shall be chosen on the basis of number of cigar products that it offers. For example, a company offering over a hundred brands and types of cigars is obviously better than choosing a company with lesser options. This because a portal and distributors with more brands tend to provide more opportunities for choosing a product that fits your needs and budgets.

Next, compare prices. Does the distributor online offers some discounts and deals? Do they have special cigar options for beginners? If yes, then it is recommended that those shall be chosen over others. Similarly, one must prefer a distributor that not only offers cigars, but also has range of cigar accessories, especially humidors. This ensures that you get all your cigars and related products from a single source itself.

Lastly, choose an online portal that guarantees free shipping and no minimum orders. That is more affordable and you buy desired quantity of products.

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