Thursday, 20 March 2014

Behind the Success of Camacho Cigars 

Hold a Camacho Cigar in your hand and you will know for sure the stupendous amount of craftsmanship that goes into rolling and making the wrapper. Take a puff and you will be transported to a world of pleasant surprises with distinct, creamy flavors striking your olfactory senses and tantalizing your taste buds to the lees. Every bit of this luxury cigar coming in myriad varieties and an assortment of tastes and aromas speaks volumes about the attention to detailing and the care taken to manufacture them. Thanks to the pioneering initiative of Simon Camacho, cigar aficionados today can get to treat themselves to some delightful tinges of cigar flavors with this world-class brand.

So what is the story behind the success of the Camacho Cigars? Simon Camacho, a Cuban native by origin embarked on his cigar entrepreneurial venture in Miami, Florida in 1961 which soon gained immense success reaching out to such renowned personalities as Winston Churchill the honorable Prime Minister of Britain. Five years post Camacho’s death in 1995 the reins of his company were taken over by the Eiroa family who brought the tobacco production culture to Honduras from Nicaragua. It was under the patronage and efforts of the President of the company Christian Eiroa, that Camacho Cigars reached its zenith of success becoming a part of the elite cigar companies of the world.

 The company as you see currently is a part of the cigar Giant Oettinger Davidoff Group, although the Eiroa family still remains the owners of the tobacco fields in Honduras. Camacho cigars are made from the tobacco cultivated and harvested in Jamastran Valley, Nicaragua and Honduras tobacco fields and rolled and cured in factories which are operated by Julio Eiroa in Jamastran and Christian in Miami. The meticulous efforts of the cigar artisans, the attention to maintaining high quality and competitive prices are some of the factors which according to the Eiroa family have been reasons behind the unprecedented success of the Camacho Cigars.

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