Monday, 18 May 2015

What are Punch Cigars and Their Features?

Punch is the name given to a combo of two brands of cigars. One is manufactured on the island of Cuba for Habanos SA, which is a state owned tobacco company. The other one is made in Honduras for the General Cigar Company.  In reality, Punch is a healthy cigar and has very rich history in the cigar world.  This unique mix makes it a daily choice for several cigar aficionados.
During the nineteenth century in Cuba, the birth of the famous brand of Punch cigars took place. These cigars are of exceptional quality as they are packed with bodied tang that branches from a varied mix of Cuban kernel tobacco stuffing from the Republic of Dominica, Nicaragua, as well as Honduras. Here are some of its features that explain its wide popularity:
The Cover
The covering which is organic is developed in Ecuador thereby giving it all the strength that this cigar needs. The Connecticut wide leaf cover lends the Maduro, as well as the double Maduro varieties, a dark and silky tang. 

Punch Cigar Company began to work with a producer to farm this extraordinary Ecuadoran Corojo cover which is grown exclusively for this cigar. The hardcore cigar aficionadas will be pleased to know that the cover is allied with the novel Cuban Corojo kernel. 
Taste and Flavor

The burly full savor feel of the Punch cigar is distinctive plus the multi nation mix makes it almost impractical to duplicate. Hints of spices can be felt in the unsophisticated aromas while the cigar provides a lengthy as well as enjoyable finish. 
Even though the flavour of these punch cigars is excellent but it is not intense. The construction is superb and consistently delectable. No wonder Punch is an outstanding cigar.

The Looks
This lengthy and skinny cigar in the picture as you can see has a pastoral appearance. The reddish-brown binding has a perceptible quantity of veins along with a carelessly patterned texture. At the foot of the cigar you will find that it has aroma of nutmeg as well as black pepper, while the cover smells of leather, mineral and hickory. 
Features at a Glance:
The wrapper:  Contains organic oil. The presence of oil creates the leaf to be 
Provides it with flexibility and 
Conveys an allusion of cocoa, along with a plain spice. 
The binder: Proprietary leaves of Connecticut Habana are used to make the binder. 
The blend composition: Tells you the entire story on its own - leaves are from Republic of Dominica in addition to Nicaragua and the unique punch blend is provided to the same variety. 
The kicker: Some of the leaves used as fillers are aged, while others are not so. The ripened leaves convey taste and stability, while the newer leaves bring more power. Hence every cigar you smoke is a blend of far-fetched and balanced flavor.
Mix of tradition and modern taste:  Punch cigars are a blend of custom as well as contemporary taste. Sounds dissonantly similar, doesn’t it?
In case you want to get these cigars at a discounted price then you can buy them online today!  This way you will be able to enjoy a smooth and enchanting flavour of cigars that are actually hand-rolled. The cigar got its name from the famous character of Punch that appeared in English puppetry during the 19th century. In the present day's lithographed boxes can be still seen displaying the ridiculously-dressed Punch with a cigar. 

At the same time as these cigars are grand straight out of the box, an extra 1-2 years of aging takes these uncommon Cigars to an entire innovative height. Many lovers of these cigars normally purchase a minimum of two boxes each year so they can stock up one away for enduring storage.