Thursday, 20 March 2014

Popular and Affordable Ashton Cigars

The mind blowing range of Ashton Cigars, better known as Ashton Classic comes from the factories of Arturo Fuernte and made from the rarest of Dominican leaves in the Dominican Republic. The cigars are manufactured in 6 various blends which embrace two most popular varieties of the brand namely, the Virgin Sun Grown and the Aged Heritage. The medium-bodied cigar tantalizes the taste buds of cigar buffs with a spicy peppery flavor whose richness is felt consistently throughout the body of the cigar from the first puff till the end.

Ashton Classic comes in cigars of myriad sizes and what appeals to many cigar lovers are the exquisite miniatures in the form of Ashton Mini Cigarillos, the Ashton Cordial, the Ashton Half Corona, Ashton Esquire and Ashton Cigarillo 10/10. For those who like to relax and soothe their minds with the smoky delights of cigars for long time over chatting or pondering over a drink the big cigars from Ashton Magnum, Aston Prime Minister, Ashton Imperial, Ashton Majesty, Ashton Belicoso and Ashton Crystal No.1, the most coveted among these being the Ashton Panatella.

Apart from the exuberant golden wrapper and the rich taste, what makes the Ashton line of cigars most popular among cigar connoisseurs is the affordable price at which you get to taste some of the most delightful range of cigars. Coming at a price of 8.70 for a single Ashton cigar, the brand is considered a reasonable option among its more expensive counterparts, many of which go beyond reach of common men. However, the producers ensure that quality is not compromised in any way even with the best prices at which the cigars are available in the market.

So if you are looking for some grand cigar tasting experience and do not know where to look for, Mike’s Cigars brings its fascinating collection of Ashton Cigars right at your doorstep and at mind blowing discounts as well.


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