Monday, 17 February 2014

Cigar Humidor Myths- You Must Know
Caring for cigars is not as tough as it seems like. The process is very simple and involves a sealed container, preferably a humidifier. It is just that the humidifier or humidor needs to be kept moist with regular water or specific chemicals like propylene glycol or PG. PG is easily available in pure form from any pharmacy. In case the humidor is a clay one, water moistening works fine. But the basic idea here is to expose the myths attached to humidifiers and cigar storage on the whole. Some of these myths are as follows:

  • Only distilled water must be used to moisten a humidifier – Tap water can as well be used. It is just that mineral in it tend to clog the vents of a humidifier. So one can clean the vents on a regular basis and the humidor works well. Rather tap water has chlorine content that keeps out the fungus.
  • Cigars must be stored at exactly 70% relative humidity. So hygrometers must be used to measure the same- This is a bogus idea because any good stogie like an Oliva Serie O cigar has a pliable wrapper and the stick yields to a gentle pressure. Besides, most digital hygrometers available in the market are inaccurate. So check the cigar first and then read the meter.
  • If the humidor does not have a Spanish cedar lining, it is non-functional – Spanish cedar made humidors are luxury items and work exactly as any other reasonably sealed box! Besides, humidity is best maintained in small boxes, unlike huge cedar ones. Cedar aroma fans can simply place the divider sheets from the cigar box in the humidor instead of spending hundreds of dollars on a huge cedar lined humidor to store two hapless cigars.
Hence, one has to get rid of all the misleading ideas on cigar storage because cigar care is an easy job. Besides, it is not at all an expensive project and realists can stick to the technicalities rather than spending hard earned money on overvalued storage products.

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