Thursday, 20 March 2014

Pay Less for Gurkha Cigars

The joy of holding a luxuriant cigar in your hand and sharing nostalgic anecdotes and indulging in laughter with old friends is an experience of a lifetime and when the cigar which stands in between your fingers is one of Gurkha Cigars there is no doubt about the pleasure that you will derive. Gurkha cigars come in extremely smooth flavored concoctions and exuding a robust built mostly enveloped in matte wrappers and delightful for average cigar smokers. Although a relatively newer launch in the cigar cosmos the brand has already received a lot of plaudits with such awards bestowed on its various categories as 10 Best Cigar Award for the Gurkha 125th Anniversary Special Series and Best Bargain Cigars for the Ninja line of Gurkha cigars.‎

The brand came to be categorized as the most expensive cigar in the world when it launched its His Majesty’s Reserve cigar, a limited edition of cigars containing cognac drops of a very rare variety which went on to give it a price of $15,000 for a box. While this variety remains reserved for the upscale and elite cigar connoisseurs, there are others which cater to the pockets of bargain cigar hunters as well, such as the Ninja priced at $118 for a pack of 18 and Legend Intruder Torpedo costing $320 for a bundle of 20 cigars. However, when bought online you can pay much less and yet enjoy an authentic cigar tasting experience.

Mike’s Cigars boasts itself of stocking a fascinating repertoire of Gurkha Cigars at much attenuated rates than the market prices. For instance the Gurkha Ninja box of 20 can be obtained at $92.95 and the Legend Torpedo can be enjoyed by shelling only $79.95 instead of the whopping $320. This and much more awaits you at Mike’s Cigars from the extensive array of some of the best varieties of Gurkha cigars.


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