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What are Punch Cigars and Their Features?

Punch is the name given to a combo of two brands of cigars. One is manufactured on the island of Cuba for Habanos SA, which is a state owned tobacco company. The other one is made in Honduras for the General Cigar Company.  In reality, Punch is a healthy cigar and has very rich history in the cigar world.  This unique mix makes it a daily choice for several cigar aficionados.
During the nineteenth century in Cuba, the birth of the famous brand of Punch cigars took place. These cigars are of exceptional quality as they are packed with bodied tang that branches from a varied mix of Cuban kernel tobacco stuffing from the Republic of Dominica, Nicaragua, as well as Honduras. Here are some of its features that explain its wide popularity:
The Cover
The covering which is organic is developed in Ecuador thereby giving it all the strength that this cigar needs. The Connecticut wide leaf cover lends the Maduro, as well as the double Maduro varieties, a dark and silky tang. 

Punch Cigar Company began to work with a producer to farm this extraordinary Ecuadoran Corojo cover which is grown exclusively for this cigar. The hardcore cigar aficionadas will be pleased to know that the cover is allied with the novel Cuban Corojo kernel. 
Taste and Flavor

The burly full savor feel of the Punch cigar is distinctive plus the multi nation mix makes it almost impractical to duplicate. Hints of spices can be felt in the unsophisticated aromas while the cigar provides a lengthy as well as enjoyable finish. 
Even though the flavour of these punch cigars is excellent but it is not intense. The construction is superb and consistently delectable. No wonder Punch is an outstanding cigar.

The Looks
This lengthy and skinny cigar in the picture as you can see has a pastoral appearance. The reddish-brown binding has a perceptible quantity of veins along with a carelessly patterned texture. At the foot of the cigar you will find that it has aroma of nutmeg as well as black pepper, while the cover smells of leather, mineral and hickory. 
Features at a Glance:
The wrapper:  Contains organic oil. The presence of oil creates the leaf to be 
Provides it with flexibility and 
Conveys an allusion of cocoa, along with a plain spice. 
The binder: Proprietary leaves of Connecticut Habana are used to make the binder. 
The blend composition: Tells you the entire story on its own - leaves are from Republic of Dominica in addition to Nicaragua and the unique punch blend is provided to the same variety. 
The kicker: Some of the leaves used as fillers are aged, while others are not so. The ripened leaves convey taste and stability, while the newer leaves bring more power. Hence every cigar you smoke is a blend of far-fetched and balanced flavor.
Mix of tradition and modern taste:  Punch cigars are a blend of custom as well as contemporary taste. Sounds dissonantly similar, doesn’t it?
In case you want to get these cigars at a discounted price then you can buy them online today!  This way you will be able to enjoy a smooth and enchanting flavour of cigars that are actually hand-rolled. The cigar got its name from the famous character of Punch that appeared in English puppetry during the 19th century. In the present day's lithographed boxes can be still seen displaying the ridiculously-dressed Punch with a cigar. 

At the same time as these cigars are grand straight out of the box, an extra 1-2 years of aging takes these uncommon Cigars to an entire innovative height. Many lovers of these cigars normally purchase a minimum of two boxes each year so they can stock up one away for enduring storage.

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Speciality of Hoyo De Monterey Cuban Cigars

When you want quality, you can’t trust any other brand to deliver the same. Hoyo De Monterey Cuban Cigars—strong yet subtle, creamy yet complex, there are so many aspects of the brand that you can’t ignore. Pick your options today and enjoy the flavours that have travelled the course of time!

With rich blends that stand the test of time, a small puff is enough to let you know the difference between the real stuff and the cheap products. This brand still continues to boast of its reputation. And its quality can be seen in various labels it offers.

Rich history of the world’s finest brand

Coming from the town of San Luis y Martinez at Vuelta Abajo (tobacco region), this is one of the finest brands of cigars available today. You can reach the plantation easily and the inscription Hoyo de Monterrey will take you to a rich land of flawless tobacco. Hoyo comes from the word ‘hole’. It refers to the low-lying placement of the plantation which is situated on the banks of San Juan y Martinez river. The location of its produce on the fertile land makes it a special choice for many.

Richness of flavour

The brand’s blend makes it a popular choice among those who want a delicate at the same time, aromatic Habano. People who want something that is lighter to the taste vouch for this one. It comes wrapped in elegance and complexity. For those who want something simple and stagnant throughout shouldn’t go for this one. It’s the ric flavour and heavy earthy appeal that makes it special. it is nutty yes, but different than any other brands which are available in the market.

Let’s look at the best ones

The best-known sizes in this brand are the Double Corona and the Epicure Nos. 1 and 2. Having said that, there is also an array of standard and slender gauge vitolas which are known as the Le Hoyo Series. The best part? The sizes for most of these are ‘totalmente a mano, tripa larga’ that is, totally handmade with long fillers. Then you have the Epicure No.2 and the Double Corona rank which were introduced in 1970. They come with a great intensity of flavour. Interestingly, the unique multi-country blend which gives Hoyo de Monterrey its flavour is medium bodied. This comes in a solid creamy flavor. It offers great balance to its consumers. It is said that the cigar is currently being made at the Villazon Factory where some of the best labels are being manufactured today.

Expresso of cigars

Hoyo de Monterrey cigars are known for gently flowing over the tongue. They come in aromatic sensations and come with a relaxing aroma that one can relish at any time during the day. The most interesting aspect of these cigars is their rich creamy taste. It’s not for nothing that it is called the expresso of cigars. It is a brand which is loved because of its famously rich, strongtaste. It comes in a complex blend of everything from Cuban seed Dominican filler to a Connecticut binder.

Not exactly strongest flavours

There are options in the brand like the Hoyo Maduro Rothschild which is made even better by patiently aging it for months before smoking. Now these are stronger versions but not complex. They come in peppery, spicy and flavors that are woody. You don’t have to rush through this one or you will get a burn too warm that you may not enjoy. The power of the cigar should never overwhelm the flavors. This is brand that gives you all that you need in just the right amount and fill. When you want the best, cost takes a backseat!

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Why La Aroma De Cuba Cigars are Better That Other Cigars?

It has been there for more than a hundred year, and it has survived. A brand like La Aroma de Cuba speaks for itself and has won the world over by its authentic flavours. After all, it is the history and the entire experience that make cigars worth their price, right?

This is an original Cuban brand, originated sometime around the 1800s. La Aroma de Cuba cigars breathed a new life because of Jose Garcia of Nicaragua, a legendary cigar maker. But that’s not the only thing that makes the cigar so special. In the wake of its revival, the brand is now a burgeoning label, completely in tune with high quality and value.  Be it its precision blending of the Nicaraguan tobacco — the finest in the world, to its ability to provide a consistent medium-bodied profile, the reasons to pick this one are many.

Impeccable flavours that speak of class!

The wrappers—Connecticut Broadleaf! Need we say any more? They rouse hints of cool spice and rich brown sugar.  Not to miss, the earth and cedar notes which phenomenally endorse its smoothness. When you want a cigar of premium quality, this is the perfect choice. Every inch of the cigar oozes authentic taste, something which is not easily found in other cigars. When they say the wrappers are original, it’s not a marketing gimmick. One puff and you know it’s for real. Yes, definitely not so affordable, but every bit of money spent on this one is worth it!

Coming from a strong historical background

The one thing that distinguishes an impeccable cigar from the ordinary one is the history behind it. The new La Aroma de Cuba cigars, is now made in Nicaragua. It is a classic blend of Connecticut Broadleaf wrapper with Nicaraguan long-fillers. And the smoke is definitely zesty. You experience smooth core earthy sensations which are balanced by rich tobacco. It comes from a place where people take pride in cigar making. It is not complex and is well-made. Thanks to the makers that its aesthetically pleasing handmade flavour gives you great value for money.

Perfect burn with toothy wrapper

Now this is a combination not easily found in other cigars around the world. The brand has always been on top of the cigar ladder for its make. The dark Connecticut Broadleaf wrapper, a dark pigtailed Lancero burns perfectly well. Not to ignore that it offers a strong and heady set of nutty flavours which are complemented by something that takes the cigar experience notches higher—a leathery finish. It is for people who love decent smoke.

The new avatar is welcome by all

Back in the day, it was manufactured in Honduras. Cuban-seed wrapping, blend of Cuban-seed Nicaraguan along with long-fillers from Honduras made it a perfect pick for any cigar lover. The combination offered a medium-body cigar. One-dimensional and a lasting spice that took on you as it finished. Cigar lovers loved it. And when the new one came, Pepin Garcia-made La Aroma de Cuba became a couple of shades darker. Interestingly, it actually glistens in the light and boasts of choosen Nicaraguan long-fillers. The new one has definitely significant cedary notes.

Flavours that leave a mark

This brand has nutty and earthy flavors as you move close to the finish. Yes the spice pretty much stays. It is an amazing smoke and is being applauded for its new development too. There are things about the cigar that one will instantly fall in love with. It’s history, blends, wrappers, authenticity, smoke, spice, flavours, there’s nothing you can miss about these cigars. The taste lingers on for long after you finish it. That’s what makes it perfect.

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5 Best Online Sources for Hoyo De Monterey Cuban Cigars

The Hoyo De Monterey Cuban cigars cannot be left without a mention when it comes to top quality aromatic cigars. But only a few online sources can help you get the original pack of the same high quality cigar. This article will allow you to know about the popular online sources to grab the best of these exclusive cigars.

Hoyo De Monterey Cuban cigars are no doubt one of the finest cigar varieties you could get in the current market. This popular series of cigars are famous for their high quality and distinctive flavor and aroma. If you too desire to buy a pack of the same for you or for gifting any of your near and dear ones, then you must consider placing your order only at the online portals listed here. Check out these popular and trusted online portals and get inspired to grab the best deal of quality cigars!

This is one of the most revered and trusted online sources for long-filler, premium hand-rolled Cuban cigars. You can find extensive range of collection of all highly-quality, branded cigars here on this online site. CigarOne has built incomparable reverence and prestige in the market due to their undisputed quality and authenticity that they have been offering to all their users. Because they are committed to sell just top quality Cuban cigars and offer customized customer service, they have gained enough fame and mass popularity among the cigar lover globally.

If you are looking for a reliable online portal offering an extensive range of Cohiba, Cuban Cigars, Hoyo de Monterrey, Montecristo, Romeo y Julieta, Punch, Bolivar, Partagas, H Upmann, or for any other popular cigar brand, you must go no further than This is one of the highly trusted and recognized sites for buying world-famous varieties of cigars especially the Cuba cigars. Their services are clutched with cent percent authenticity Guarantee. Puroexpress is quite popular among the cigar buyers for their prompt service and competitive prices.

This is another quite popular and revered source of buying online Cuban cigars if you are a lover of the imported white smoke from Cuba. With Mikecigars you’ll never face any kind of issues in regard of placing orders or making transactions. Their services are 100% genuine and safe. Due to its quality services and products offered to the buyers it is considered as one of the best online sources to get high quality authentic Cuban cigars.

With Online Havana Cigars you can enjoy the heavenly taste and mesmerizing aroma of Cuban cigars with just a click. If you want to enjoy high-quality 100% traditional flavor and pleasure of the Cuban cigars you must consider placing your order with Online Havana Cigars. As such it is one of the perfect online destinations for the cigar lovers.

This is another reliable online source that offers diverse range of top class Cuban cigars. You can find all kind of excellent flavoring and high quality cigars here. The portal is known to offer the best cigars that’ll just give you the best treat with every puff. At you can find cigars of all sizes and types at varying prices. Every pick of cigar from Swiss Cuban cigars is clutched with the guarantee of high quality and originality of the cigar brand.

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Hoyo De Monterey Cuban cigars is the most coveted and sought after Cuban cigar made in the industry as this is made with the finest Cuban tobacco. Due to its unique flavor, complexity of taste and silky richness this cigar is gaining increased popularity in the market.

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Complete History of Cohiba Cigars

History of Cohiba Cigars

The internationally famous and high priced Cohiba cigar was only manufactured for Cuban President Fidel Castro in 1963 and his top notch officials.

It is also said that Cohiba cigars were the personal cigars of Chico Perez, the then bodyguard of Fidel Castro. A close pal of Perez used to roll out the cigars for him. Castro was offered the cigars by Perez once and immediately he became the fan of these cigars. Castro loved the cigars so much that he hired Perez’s friend to roll Cohibas for himself. The only way to taste Cohiba cigar brand was as a gift from Castro.

The cigar brand remained unnamed until 1968 when it was officially launched under the guidance of Cubatabaco which is the marketing bureau of tobacco in Cuban states.

Cubatabaco head ordered the higher authority of El Laguito factory where these cigars were manufactured to manufacture a premium all new blend that was different from any other earlier versions of Cuban cigars.

At the initial days, the production was limited and the yearly production figure was restricted around only some thousands which were reserved for the top-notch high Cuban government officials. Finally, in 1982, Castro decided to release his personal cigars for public sale. Those cigars were an instant hit in the market after their launch and has been one of the top-selling Cuban cigar brands ever since.

Cohiba Linea Clasica Series

During its first launch for the public in 1982, Cohiba was available in only three sizes- Coronas Especiales, Pantelas, and Lanceros (Castro’s  personal favorite). Three more sizes- Robusto, Exquisito, and Espléndido were added in 1989. These six initially launched cigars are now together popular as the Línea Clásica (classic line).

Cohiba Linea 1492 Series

Habanos SA started to manufacture Linea 1492 series to commemorate the 500th anniversary of Christopher Colombus' discovery of the Caribbean. The very opening launch of the series had five cigars starting from Siglo I - Siglo V.  Siglo VI was incorporated in the series in 2002. (Siglo means "century"). Made with very special tobacco, the cigars of this series were milder than the rest of the Cohiba cigars. The VI is one of the most popular of the Siglo series.

Cohiba Maduro 5 Series and Cohiba Behike

Habanos SA initiated a fresh series of Cohibas wrapped in maduro named as Cohiba Maduro 5 which was available in three types of sizes. In 2010 Cohiba Behike cigar series- Cohiba Behike 52, Cohiba Behike 54, and the Cohiba Behike 56 was released. This exclusive line of cigars is rolled at El Laguito factory in Cuba.

Habanos SA also regularly releases their annual Cohiba Edicion Limitada of special sizes. It includes Double Corona, Sublime, and Piramide.

Name Battle of Cohiba

There has always been a name battle for these cigars as different brands came up time to time with the same name since its first launch. The name battle heightened when nother such non-Cuban cigar brand, also known as Cohiba is produced in the Dominican Republic for US-based General Cigar Company. The Dominican Cohiba brand, known as Red Dot Cohiba is the only legal Cohiba that is sold in the U.S.

Cohiba Cigars is the most famous brand among all the Cuban cigar brands. It carries a high price tag that matches its supreme quality, essence, aroma and flavor. Give it a try if you are a passionate cigar lover!

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The Making of Macanudo Cigars

A frontmark was a fancy name in the U.S. given to the front of cigar boxes that indicated the shape and  size of the cigar sold particularly under a company’s brand name. Frontmarks are  not standard though. Many companies have their own descriptions which change from time to time.

The Cuban makers of Punch gave the name “Macanudo” to a frontmark created in Jamaica.  When General Cigar acquired the rights to that name outside Cuba, they introduced a new cigar by the name of  Macanudo. It was manufactured in Jamaica under the guidance of Ramón Cifuentes. In 2000, the production shifted to the Dominican Republic.

Dominican Republic has the special soil that is needed to grow some of the best cigar fillers in the world. Cigars form an indispensable part of Dominican Republic’s culture, history, and economics. It all started when the Spaniards landed there in 1492, and introduced the locals to tobacco.

Now, let’s see how expertise crafts itself into every single Macanudo and why smoke of  Macanudo cigars is special.

The process begins even before the tobacco seeds are laid in the ground. The soil is checked for composition, acidity and the likes by skilled agronomists from the factory. An ideal environment is ensured for every seed by adding special nutrients. The seeds are carefully selected, and the whole process is overlooked by the agronomists.

The next process is of curing and fermentation. Mature leaves are plucked and sent through an air-curing process for 30 days. They are then slowly dried by hanging in sheds or barns to make them lose their moisture content and release natural sugars. The leaves change their color from green to yellow, then orange, and finally a dark, beautiful brown. There is an additional process of fermentation that lasts up to six months.And that is just the beginning.

The wrapper tobacco is left alone in bales to age for at least two years. The fillers are also made to age, but in a more sophisticated style. The dried brown leaves are ridden of the extending mid-stem by hands and placed into tercios, which are handmade bales crafted out of royal palm bark. They are left for two years during which the flavors deepen and the intricate aromatic nuances develop. At the end of those two years, they are packed into Dominican rum barrels where the aroma and taste gets a notch higher.

The next step is stripping and selecting. It involves removing the main stem totally from the leaf. For that, they need to be re-humidified to adequate moisture levels. That is done so that a certain amount of elasticity is introduced into the dried leaf  and no damage is done when the main stem is eased out of the frame. This a followed by a tedious leaf selection process. All the leaves that reach this stage are then sorted out by consistency and color. Only top-notch experts are involved in this job because a cigar’s nothing if not its blend.

After the selected leaves are blended according to the guarded recipes, they go through the classic entubar process for getting bunched up. The bunch is then covered with the binder leaf and placed into the desired mold. Skilled rollers then deftly wrap that bunch in the wrapper and apply a cap. After the bands are placed and individual cigars enveloped in cellophane, crystal, or metal tubes, they are packed into specially crafted boxes.

What makes Macanudo cigars special is that they are aged before being packed. So every cigar that you take out from a new box is already aged and ready to delight your palate.

Have an anecdote related to your cigar? We would love to hear.

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How to Properly Smoke the La Flor Dominicana Double Ligero Chisel

Unlike many popular brands, the La Flor Dominicana was a late bloomer. In 1996, it was founded by the husband-wife duo Litto Gomez and Ines Lorenzo-Gomez in Santiago, Dominican Republic. The brand, now popular among cigar connoisseurs, offers a range of delectable flavors. One fine specimen among them is the Double Ligero Chisel.

Here’s why we think the Double Ligero Chisel is so special:

The Double Ligero Chisel is different from other offerings of this brand because it is shaped differently and there’s a special way to smoke this one. The unique chisel shape given to the cigar is not just a decorative stunt. It is there to concentrate and focus the smoke as you take a draw and as a result, the cigar you smoke is strong, flavorful, and heady -- exactly what you suppose a full-bodied cigar to be.

Second, one doesn’t have to cut the chisel. Period. Say goodbye to your precious little cigar cutter if you are going to be a Double Ligero Chisel fan for a while. So what do you do when you don’t cut? Do you light it as it is? No, but all you have to do is take the end of the chisel between your forefinger and thumb, and give a little pinch. That’s all. If you cut it, there’s is going to be a hole in the chisel, which will defeat the entire purpose of that special shape.

When you pinch the cigar, there will be a thin slit opening at the base as the delicate wrapper leaf at the end gives way, which will direct the smoke in a concentrated path when you draw in, giving you the taste of the strongest cigar you will ever smoke in your life.

A suggestion

When do you generally smoke your cigars? Many people come home from work and take their first cigar in the evening. They begin with a mild one, and then gradually move on to a strong flavor as the night progresses, saving their favorite one for the last. Well, there’s no difference whether you take your cigar in the morning or in the evening or at any time of the day. But, your choice of the first stogie of the day will make a difference to how you perceive the taste of the subsequent ones.

The simple reason being that your palette is the most receptive when you light the first one of the day. It means, you will get the most flavor and enjoyment. As you progress to your next one, the taste from the earlier stogie will still be lingering and no matter how good it is, it won’t have the same impact as it would have had if it was smoked afresh. So, when you want to enjoy a particular stogie, make it the first one of the day, not even the third or second.

The La Flor Dominicana Double Ligero Chisel leaves a slightly sweet finish on your lips. The taste is a mix of mocha notes, savory saltiness, and the delectable hint of grass. However, the best thing you would like about this particular cigar is the unhindered smoothness that will caress your senses like a dream. From the humidors of Litto and Ines’s La Flor factories, this well aged, master of a specimen, is a must-have for you if you like to call yourself a taster of all the finest cigars in the world.

Have you tasted any of the La Flor Dominicanas ? Liked them or not, tell us your opinion in the comments section.

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A Closer Look at Gispert cigars

Although the name “Gispert” is somewhat French-inspired and you might not be able to get it right at the first time (by the way, its called “Hees-pairt”), we are sure that it won’t stop you from ordering this over and over again once you’ve tried it. And you can definitely order more because it comes at an amazingly low price than its Cuban counterparts. Perhaps this is what high-quality-meets-reasonable-pricing means.

The Gispert comes in two brands: Natural and Maduro. The Natural has a blend of Honduran and Nicaraguan fillers embraced by an Ecuadorian Connecticut shade wrapper and a Honduran binder. It is topped with a beautiful triple cap. The wrapper is devoid of veins, so your cigar is like holding silk in your hands. The aroma will remind you of cedar and berries. The taste will give you a smooth and creamy delight with every flawless draw – the kind that soothes and caresses your palate. It will unfold like sweet cinnamon, follow with thick cream, and top it up with a dash of spice.

The Maduro is unique from the Connecticut because of the wrapper and because of the fact that the entire line-up is box pressed. The Maduro comes with a San Andrés maduro wrapper that has slight veins and an even color, and a Honduran- and Nicaraguan-grown long filler blend – the recipe to give you a sweet but full-bodied flavor that the connoisseur loves. The aroma is a mix of sweet cocoa, hay, and a subtle touch of nuttiness that lingers on.

This cigar comes with an interesting history of its own. It was founded in 1940 in Pinar del Rio at the Carlos Balino factory, which came under Habanos SA, a Cuban state-owned tobacco firm. The rich tobacco from Vuelta Arriba was used by Simón Veja Peláez to make the Gispert. After the Cuban revolution in 1959, the sales began to dip and what was originally a fleet of 11 vitolas was reduced to a single one, the Habaneros No.2.

But thankfully, the brand took a new breath in 2003 as Altadis SA, a Franco-Spanish tobacco company, started manufacturing it in an attempt to reprise the classic Cuban brand. At present, the La Flor de Copan Cigar Factory in Honduras is the place where these little pieces of delight are rolled to perfection and sent out for cigar lovers like us. Now it is made in 6 sizes, all with ring gauges larger than usual –  Robusto (5×54), Toro (6×54), Corona (5.5×44), Belicoso (6 1/8×52), Lonsdale (6.5×44), and Churchill (7×54).

Gispert Cigar-a vintage Cuban brand is the one cigar you can choose if you cannot make up your mind among many, and definitely the one you would want to start your day with as it teams up great with coffee. The semi-boite box that the Natural comes in makes for an impressive gift, or you can even keep it as a décor piece.

Want to combine it with a drink? Arrange for some fine Belgian ale or Imperial Russian stout for an evening with friends. After all, good cigars make a good company better, don’t they?

The Best of CAO for you

CAO’s success also has a lot to do with their seemingly endless innovation filler. No, it’s not the name of their special filler, but kind of what drives their special blends. And, that never fails to win them more fans who become loyal admirers over time.

Since it is a little difficult to try all of CAO’s, we’ve listed the creme de la creme below.

La Traviata Radiante Maduro

The Radiante, standing at 6 inch by 52 ring, is the toro size of the La Traviata
line. The wrapper is a sinful dark Connecticut broadleaf, the binding is a flavorful Cameroon leaf, and the blend is Nicaraguan and Dominican. With every inch you smoke, there is pepper, cocoa, toasted nuts, and coffee to relish. It’s the standby choice of many aficionados, and continues to stay at the top of our choice.

La Traviata Evil Snowman

CAO came out with two Christmas themed cigars in the winter of 2013. The Evil Snowman and the Angry Santa. The Snowman comes as a beefed up cousin of the La Traviata line which  is enormous at its 6.5 inches and a 52 ring gauge size. The wrapper is a maduro Connecticut broadleaf, the filler a Nicaraguan and Dominican blend, and the binder a sturdy Honduran. The medium-body beauty is delight to look at as well. As for the flavor, a pepper base continues throughout and savors your palate, with subtle hints of wood piquing the drama. A worthy candidate to accompany your drinks.

La Traviata Angry Santa

Also from the La Traviata line, but with leaves from a higher priming. The effect? A bolder spicy flavor that caresses your palate long after you’ve laid the cigar to rest. The size is close to its counterpart - 6 inches and 52 gauge. It employs an Ecuadorian Habano wrapper and the broadleaf binder. The Honduran and Nicaraguan filler blend bring out key flavors of toasted nuts and light citrus. As it is with some cigars, this one is better enjoyed after some aging.

The Flathead

An example of CAO’s innovation that already has folks going ga-ga over it. The unique cuboidal shape gives plenty of body and the excellent Nicaraguan and Dominican long fillers give the highly interesting mix of cocoa, black pepper, and earth. A Connecticut Habano seed binder and a Connecticut Broadleaf maduro wrapper fermented to perfection complete the story. This stogie will tantalize your taste buds and the strong aroma will linger on long after you’ve finished it.

And now that you know about them, you are welcome at Mike cigars - a place that has all the coolest CAO cigars and everything else on board together. And what makes Mike Cigars all the more special is the fact that they offer some serious discounts on its website. They also have an only-adult policy which doesn’t let under age individuals make purchases at their site. Free shipping (on most of the buys) and fast delivery come as an added delight.

After you’ve had your feast, don’t forget to let us know what you thought about it!