Monday, 13 January 2014

Why Do People Smoke Cigarettes?

People smoke cigarettes for psychological pleasure. It relieves you from stress and pressure and refreshes the mind. It gives the smoker a satisfaction which can’t be derived from anything else. Sometimes people smoke to take a break and relax. It becomes a legitimate excuse to steal a moment of interruption from work or too much stress. What initially begins out of peer pressure soon turns into a hard to get rid of addiction. When one is having a hard day, if a person just sits back and relaxes through the length of a cigarette, he or she feels much refreshed. At times when you want to reward yourself, you promise yourself a smoke after the completion of your work. It gives you the feel of a pat on your back. Smoking stimulates the brain with nicotine laden blood reaching the brain which helps in concentrating more and think more vividly.

Though cigarette gives you momentary pleasure, but its smoke gives you lifelong diseases. Cigarettes constitute of toxins like nicotine, tar and carbon dioxide which causes severe damage to our health.  Nicotine causes cardiovascular disorder, tar causes cancer and carbon dioxide damages the respiratory system of human body. Consumption of cigarettes can turn fatal or do permanent damage to the health. To avoid the ill effects of smoking, nicotine free cigarettes has been invented. These are completely tobacco free cigarettes which nullifies the health hazards caused due to smoking. They are also called e shisha cigarettes. E cigarettes are battery operated vaporising machines which converts a liquid and gives you the satisfaction of a puff with the immaculate taste and aroma of a normal cigarette. These rechargeable e shisha cigarettes are available in a variety of flavours according to the smoker’s choice which will also help him in getting rid of the bad habit.

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