Tuesday, 9 December 2014

Review of H. Upmann Cigars

H. Upmann Cigars are widely renowned for their brilliant quality cigars. These cigars are admired and loved by cigar smokers all over the world. The company releases new cigars with unique flavors and aroma every year. The cigars are packed carefully using high quality wrappers. Special care is taken to introduce very high quality filler. The binder tobaccos are aged for over a period of at least two years.

The wrapper for H. Upmann cigars are made from Tapado’s top leaves. Tapado is a tobacco plant native of Cuba. It is a shade grown black plant. Use of the plant guarantees brilliant production of cigars. It is said that the wrapper is darker as compared to those used for other regular size cigars of the same brand. Admirers of H. Upmann cigars will immediately come to know about these wrappers and distinctive style the moment they hold it in their hand.

The H. Upmann Cigars are produced from finest tobacco leaves and a trademark for the eminent brand Alec Bradley cigars. These leaves are derived from Vuelta Abajo. One of the most distinctive characteristic of these cigars is the longer filler from the region. Hence, these cigars are the hot favourite among people all across the world especially those who know the difference between premium grade cigars and inferior ones. Only ardent cigar aficionados can relish the distinctive taste and aroma of the cigar by this company. These cigars are easily available online these days. So, one can buy these from the comfort of their home.

A lot of cigar smokers are intrigued by the H. Upmann. Right from the colour to size, aroma, taste, overall look, and style, these cigars are loved for their features and everything they are made of. No wonder these are rated as the number one cigars by the company since many years. Since the advent of these cigars, they have been admired by the cigar lovers.

The Upmann cigars are veined and own a very mesmerising rustic-looking that cigar lovers go ga-ga over. Another wonderful feature in this regard is the dark wrapper which almost imitates the color of dark chocolate. The seams of the cigars are raised and plainly visible. The triple cap is also obliquely applied to the cigar. Presently the latest release of the cigar has been done for a ‘Limited release’. Cigar enthusiasts would definitely like to have this cigar as keepsake. A lot of these are offered as samples. The cigars are available both nationally and internationally. Cigar smokers can buy these from online stores as per their convenience.

H. Upmann is a leading brand name for expensive state of the art premium cigar. The company was established way back in the year 1844 in Cuba. It is also counted as amongst the oldest in the competitive cigar industry. These cigars are made in two different versions. One of these is presently continued to be manufactured in Cuban island for Habanos SA. This is also the state owned Cuban organization for tobacco. The other one is produced for the United States market owing to the Cuban prohibition in La Romana. The company has maintained its reputation for offering high quality cigars till date without fail.


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