Tuesday, 16 September 2014

How to Become a Cigar Connoisseur

Be it apparel, food, automobiles or any other consumable, each individual’s palette differs. What may appeal to one may be a complete dislike for another. Similarly cigar preferences too differ from one individual to the other. While some like full bodied cigars, others prefer mild variants. But, if you wish to be a cigar connoisseur you’ll have to move beyond the realm of likes and dislikes to try everything that’s available. Only then will you be experienced enough to be able to share opinions and reviews with others and eventually become a cigar connoisseur.

Reading up is the key

Having grown up in places where cigars are manufactured or where tobacco is grown can certainly be an advantage, making the process of becoming a cigar connoisseur easier, due to the ready access to the rich history of cigars. Knowledge forms the building blocks in the process of becoming a true cigar connoisseur, not merely smoking a large variety of cigars. The more you know about cigars the better you get at being an expert.


Having said that knowledge is the biggest stepping stone to being a cigar connoisseur, there are a number of resources an aspirant can leverage.

  • Libraries
  • Online materials
  • Tobacconists
  • Online Cigar forums
  • Cigar shows

While these are only a few means, there can be many more ways to discover and know about cigars. Even speaking to a cigar connoisseur you know can give you insight into a lot about cigars. So always stay on the lookout for any kind of information about cigars that comes your way.

What to read?

Cigars have a fascinating and rich history behind them be it a Padron or a Camacho. Beginning from where and how they are grown to how they are manufactured to how they are smoked, there are lots to know. Study about the eminent figures who smoked cigars, their personalities, their lifestyles, their preferences and the brands that they relished. Read about the different kinds of tobacco leaves that are produced around the world, which places are famous for tobacco leaves, how cigars were developed and grew into a cult of its own. Know what cigar wrapper colors say about cigars and what different varieties of Camacho Cigars mean.

It’s interesting to know about the families who have been into manufacturing the most relished and famous brands of cigars. Even minuscule things about cigars such what different kinds of veins on them indicate about their properties can be valuable in enhancing your knowledge.  You should also know which drinks or food can complement different kinds of cigars and what can be the best times of the year you can best relish different kinds of cigars.

Experiment to Experience

To be a cigar connoisseur you cant be choosy about what you want to smoke. You should try everything that’s available. Different brands from different countries, different prices, different blends, different lengths, different sizes and different ages.

Also, ensure you document each kind of cigar you smoke with details of where you purchased it from, the price, the brand, the blend, its features, the taste, the thought that arose when smoking it, what you complemented that cigar with and so on so forth. You can always refer back to it in future to relive your cigar smoking experience.

Share your Knowledge

Now that you have considerable knowledge and experience, it’s time to share it with others. This is the best part of being a cigar connoisseur and if you’ve truly aspired to be one, you’ll enjoy every bit of it. Join a cigar board or spend time at your local tobacconist to share your knowledge with the visitors there.

Do you aspire to be a cigar connoisseur? How many varieties of cigars have you smoked till date? Share your thoughts and experiences with us.

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