Wednesday, 25 December 2013

Mike's Cigars Festival Events: Get the VIP Access & Exclusive Seating

Among the most awaited events of United States is Mike’s Cigars City Extravaganza. A cigar festival specially organized in Miami for cigar lovers from all over the world. The festival is organized for three days where day each has something unique to contribute to guests overall experience. It’s been attended by multitude of guests who come to discover new cigar brands.

The best to way to have an extraordinary time at the Cigar Extravaganza is through getting VIP access. Though each and every guest attending the festival is a VIP l but for something bit more special and exclusive, the guests have to get VIP access. The privileges and special treatment received by the VIP guests makes their stay in Miami event more memorable.

With VIP tickets, the guests get access to exclusive seating arrangements in special Montecristo VIP Lounge which has private viewing of cigar pavilions. There are food upgrades and other priority services such as VIP dinners with cigars and transportation to any Mango’s Tropical Café or Tootsie’s Cabaret on the night of Midnight Run. While booking VIP tickets, guests have special offers for companion tickets as well. The team of Mike’s Cigars will be available to assist and help the VIP guests anywhere and anytime during the festival days.

This is not all. The actual benefits of being a VIP at City Extravaganza will be far more than explained here. So the best way to catch the fun is only through personal experience.
To know more about VIP access and other priority services call 800-962-4427 or visit www.mikescigars.comfor other details.


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