Sunday, 25 August 2013

Few Things to Know about Romeo Y Julieta Cigars 1875

Lovers of fine cigar are not oblivious to the richness in taste that comes associated with Romeo Y Julieta Cigars 1875. Romeo Y Julieta, which has risen to become an iconic cigar; has been named after one of Shakespeare’s most famous literary masterwork. If you are a cigar collector and love everything related to cigars, then you cannot miss to add this to your collection, especially after knowing that it has a heritage of over 130 years.

Here are a few facts that you must know about Romeo Y Julieta Cigars 1875:
  • The cigars were created in 1875, in Cuba
  • The name comes from two characters of Shakespeare’s masterpiece, Romeo and Juliet
  • These gained a lot of popularity back in the 20th century
  • The flavor, consistency and construction of these cigars has won it a great fan following
  • Majority of these cigars are handmade
  • Winston Churchill’s love for Romeo Y Julieta Cigars 1875 made the brand come up with collection, which was exclusively named after him
  • After some restrictions posed in Cuba, the production of this iconic cigar was moved to the Dominican Republic
  • Tabacalera de GarcĂ­a is the factory where these are still made with hand, presently
  • The cigars come in boxes of 5,10, 20 and 25, with 5 being the most famous among all
These were the few things that cigar lovers would love to know about their favorite cigars.

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