Wednesday, 11 September 2013

Everything You Need to Know About Padron Cigars

Whether you are a Cigar lover, an enthusiast, an aficionado or simply trying it for fun, you must have heard about Padron Cigars and the level of popularity they enjoy in cigar markets all over the world. Here is a brief guide to everything you need to know about Padron Cigars.

Padron Cigars, from Nicaragua, is the brainchild of Piloto Cigars Inc Established in 1964. The company was originally founded in Florida, but the founder, Jose Orlando Padron, a Cuban native moved to Nicaragua in the 1970. Run as a family business, the company provides different blends of cigars.

Padron Series
The company majorly offers three blends of cigars, each one of them having a unique flavor point and size. The three most common production series includes standard Padron, anniversary series cigar and 1926 Series. Each of these series is handmade and has “Padron” written in brown. The product has wrapper, filler and leaves grown in sun.

Rated as one of the best cigars in 2007, 1926 Serie is a fine blend of aged leaves and is handmade. Anniversary edition has also received accolades for its depth of flavor. The standard one is known as one of the best possessions by cigar enthusiasts. The company has received several awards and best ratings from cigar critics making it one of the most popular brands in the world.

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