Tuesday, 9 July 2013

Protecting Romeo and Julieta Reserve

Cigar connoisseurs love the Romeo and Julieta reserve which is one of the richest and the most aromatic cigars. It is named after Shakespeare’s popular book and is an iconic cigar brand. The cigar is made from Nicaraguan binder leaf and is wrapped in Ecuadorian Connecticut shade. The filler used in the Romeo and Julieta reserve is what gives it a rich aroma. It is a mix of Dominican tobacco and Nicaraguan tobacco. You don’t want anything to spoil the rich aroma and flavor and this is why it is best to buy humidors for your favorite cigars.

Humidor is not just another piece of accessory for those interested in preserving an entire collection of cigars, but it is vital equipment that has an essential use. You can store your cigars in them and it helps in maintaining the humidity level. This helps in keeping them in good condition and there’s no chance of losing the aroma or the flavor.

It is best to store your Romeo and Julieta Reserve in separate humidors and not mix it with other cigars. Doing so can mix the aroma. It is important to store the humidors away from direct sunlight, especially ones with glass top. If ignored, then they won’t be able to maintain the humidity level. Different kinds of humidors are available in the market and you should buy the one that best fits the cigar size. Choose a good quality product as that would have a better life and would be more effective in protecting the cigars.

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