Friday, 9 January 2015

The Best of CAO for you

CAO’s success also has a lot to do with their seemingly endless innovation filler. No, it’s not the name of their special filler, but kind of what drives their special blends. And, that never fails to win them more fans who become loyal admirers over time.

Since it is a little difficult to try all of CAO’s, we’ve listed the creme de la creme below.

La Traviata Radiante Maduro

The Radiante, standing at 6 inch by 52 ring, is the toro size of the La Traviata
line. The wrapper is a sinful dark Connecticut broadleaf, the binding is a flavorful Cameroon leaf, and the blend is Nicaraguan and Dominican. With every inch you smoke, there is pepper, cocoa, toasted nuts, and coffee to relish. It’s the standby choice of many aficionados, and continues to stay at the top of our choice.

La Traviata Evil Snowman

CAO came out with two Christmas themed cigars in the winter of 2013. The Evil Snowman and the Angry Santa. The Snowman comes as a beefed up cousin of the La Traviata line which  is enormous at its 6.5 inches and a 52 ring gauge size. The wrapper is a maduro Connecticut broadleaf, the filler a Nicaraguan and Dominican blend, and the binder a sturdy Honduran. The medium-body beauty is delight to look at as well. As for the flavor, a pepper base continues throughout and savors your palate, with subtle hints of wood piquing the drama. A worthy candidate to accompany your drinks.

La Traviata Angry Santa

Also from the La Traviata line, but with leaves from a higher priming. The effect? A bolder spicy flavor that caresses your palate long after you’ve laid the cigar to rest. The size is close to its counterpart - 6 inches and 52 gauge. It employs an Ecuadorian Habano wrapper and the broadleaf binder. The Honduran and Nicaraguan filler blend bring out key flavors of toasted nuts and light citrus. As it is with some cigars, this one is better enjoyed after some aging.

The Flathead

An example of CAO’s innovation that already has folks going ga-ga over it. The unique cuboidal shape gives plenty of body and the excellent Nicaraguan and Dominican long fillers give the highly interesting mix of cocoa, black pepper, and earth. A Connecticut Habano seed binder and a Connecticut Broadleaf maduro wrapper fermented to perfection complete the story. This stogie will tantalize your taste buds and the strong aroma will linger on long after you’ve finished it.

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After you’ve had your feast, don’t forget to let us know what you thought about it!


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