Wednesday, 15 April 2015

Why La Aroma De Cuba Cigars are Better That Other Cigars?

It has been there for more than a hundred year, and it has survived. A brand like La Aroma de Cuba speaks for itself and has won the world over by its authentic flavours. After all, it is the history and the entire experience that make cigars worth their price, right?

This is an original Cuban brand, originated sometime around the 1800s. La Aroma de Cuba cigars breathed a new life because of Jose Garcia of Nicaragua, a legendary cigar maker. But that’s not the only thing that makes the cigar so special. In the wake of its revival, the brand is now a burgeoning label, completely in tune with high quality and value.  Be it its precision blending of the Nicaraguan tobacco — the finest in the world, to its ability to provide a consistent medium-bodied profile, the reasons to pick this one are many.

Impeccable flavours that speak of class!

The wrappers—Connecticut Broadleaf! Need we say any more? They rouse hints of cool spice and rich brown sugar.  Not to miss, the earth and cedar notes which phenomenally endorse its smoothness. When you want a cigar of premium quality, this is the perfect choice. Every inch of the cigar oozes authentic taste, something which is not easily found in other cigars. When they say the wrappers are original, it’s not a marketing gimmick. One puff and you know it’s for real. Yes, definitely not so affordable, but every bit of money spent on this one is worth it!

Coming from a strong historical background

The one thing that distinguishes an impeccable cigar from the ordinary one is the history behind it. The new La Aroma de Cuba cigars, is now made in Nicaragua. It is a classic blend of Connecticut Broadleaf wrapper with Nicaraguan long-fillers. And the smoke is definitely zesty. You experience smooth core earthy sensations which are balanced by rich tobacco. It comes from a place where people take pride in cigar making. It is not complex and is well-made. Thanks to the makers that its aesthetically pleasing handmade flavour gives you great value for money.

Perfect burn with toothy wrapper

Now this is a combination not easily found in other cigars around the world. The brand has always been on top of the cigar ladder for its make. The dark Connecticut Broadleaf wrapper, a dark pigtailed Lancero burns perfectly well. Not to ignore that it offers a strong and heady set of nutty flavours which are complemented by something that takes the cigar experience notches higher—a leathery finish. It is for people who love decent smoke.

The new avatar is welcome by all

Back in the day, it was manufactured in Honduras. Cuban-seed wrapping, blend of Cuban-seed Nicaraguan along with long-fillers from Honduras made it a perfect pick for any cigar lover. The combination offered a medium-body cigar. One-dimensional and a lasting spice that took on you as it finished. Cigar lovers loved it. And when the new one came, Pepin Garcia-made La Aroma de Cuba became a couple of shades darker. Interestingly, it actually glistens in the light and boasts of choosen Nicaraguan long-fillers. The new one has definitely significant cedary notes.

Flavours that leave a mark

This brand has nutty and earthy flavors as you move close to the finish. Yes the spice pretty much stays. It is an amazing smoke and is being applauded for its new development too. There are things about the cigar that one will instantly fall in love with. It’s history, blends, wrappers, authenticity, smoke, spice, flavours, there’s nothing you can miss about these cigars. The taste lingers on for long after you finish it. That’s what makes it perfect.


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