Wednesday, 16 July 2014

Review of EP Carrillo cigars

The cigar making saga for every Ernesto Perez-Carrillo comes from the mastermind behind La Gloria Cubana. The brand is well known across the globe for being a full-bodied, full-flavored, blockbuster brand. Here is a detailed review on a few cigars of this brand for your benefit.

The brand has a legendary past and today, Ernesto has branched out to create a series of delicious super-premiums. These are christened as the delicious E.P Carrillo cigars. Recently these stogies won a spot amongst the world’s top 25 cigars for a reason. Their 92 point rating specified that these cigars render a creamy, subtly spicy flavor that gives off a leathery note with hints of black-cherry sweetness.

They come in a variety of shapes such as Churchill, Corona, Gordo, Presidente, Pyramid, Robusto and Toro. Ecuador-Sumatra wrappers are used in these Dominican Republic originated cigars.

Some E.P. Carrillo cigars:

  • After taking a puff off the celebrated E.P. Carrillo Club 52, we knew that it is an above average maduro for it has a noticeably smoother draw which is consistent in every stick! It is highly recommended for maduro smokers and they can invest happily in a No. 4 5 pack.
  • The Churchill special is also praiseworthy for it renders a spicy and fairly full-bodied taste. It is not overwhelming, yet rich, spicy and everything that a perfect cigar should be like.
  • The Edicion Limitada Dark Rituals 2011 is different! It is mild, renders an awesome after taste for it is a great cigar and renders awesome taste. 

Best thing about investing in these cigars is that they are worth every dollar and promise a wholesome cigar smoking experience that can be enjoyed in a leisurely manner.


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