Thursday, 29 May 2014

How to Choose a Right Cigar

Cigars are back in style and they are here to stay. They represent style, character, and class. However, choosing the right brand and flavor for you is a little difficult right in the beginning and we’ve created a short guide to help you out.

Research The Brands – There are many companies online and finding the right flavor and taste is difficult. It’s a good idea to start your search for the perfect cigar by visiting a professional cigar sale website. Read as many reviews and personal opinions as possible. Forums are also a good place to get good information. Just enroll in the forum and ask a few questions. Veteran cigar smokers will be happy to help. Based on these recommendations, make a list of the most recommended brands for beginners. Cigar websites too have a customer service section that you can use to ask questions and ask for recommendations.

Check Ratings – The Cigar Aficionodo Magazine rates cigars for personal use and these ratings are a good guide for beginners. Before you head out to a local store or a website, just check the rating online. Preferences and tastes will but the rating will give you a good idea of how the shortlisted cigars rate in quality, flavor, aroma and taste.

Get Your Hands On – If you can find a local store, visit the store and feel the different brands that you have shortlisted. A quality cigar is shiny, firm and gives off a strong tobacco fragrance. Feel as many brands as possible and choose several that appeal to you in taste and fragrance. Good cigars will not crumble and they will be covered with a thick, slightly oily covering. 

Cigars are the perfect complement to your lifestyle and they are wonderfully relaxing. Take your time while choosing a cigar and have fun trying out different brands and companies. Nothing compares to the taste and flavor of a well-made cigar and with the right brand, you have a great time. 


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