Monday, 12 May 2014

Check Out For Mike’s Cigars Clearance Sale

So, you want to get yourself a box or boxes of really good quality cigars but are apprehensive about burning a hole in your pocket? Well, here’s the answer for you. All you need to do is to head to Mike Cigars and check out the clearance sale on their website.

With over forty different varieties of cigars to choose from there is no minimal possibility that you would not find one or for that matter more than one that will catch your fancy.

The different options on sale include the Carlos series, the Fonseca and an El BeestRobusto and prices range from $73.50 and $142.95.

Most people who smoke cigars have a preference with regards to what they want to smoke and individual preference gets high priority. That being said, with such a high range on offer and with such discounted prices it is hard to imagine how anything bought will not turn out to be a steal.

In addition to the discounted prices there is also a free shipping offer and that too without a minimum purchase and that is a big bonus. Cigars can turn out to be extremely premium gift options and even for those who do not smoke them the prices can mean a classy gift to someone they want to impress.

The number of cigars available in each box varies according to variety and size and what that means is that there are a series of options available on that front too.

Still thinking? Don’t. Head over to Mike Cigars online right away and shop to your heart’s content. This is a sale you wouldn’t want to miss!


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