Tuesday, 8 April 2014

Get a Baseball Cap free with Padron 1926 Series

Padron Cigar 1926 Serie is known for its complex blend of flavors. They are pressed to perfection and come with silky, dark and smooth flavors, which are full bodied for those cigar aficionados. These elegant beauties burn well and evenly, boasting of rich and woody tones with array of flavors. Available in different varieties of flavors for distinct palates, these cigars can be purchased in cocoa, black cherry flavors as well. And now, you can get a free baseball cap, worth $25.00 free with your purchase.

 These silky and dark, Padron cigars are well balanced and the best for a cigar lover. Their woody and leathery notes, with caramel and spice makes them perfect for those after dinner occasions and leaves no room for dessert. Plus, the addition of a baseball cap makes them an all more irresistible deal.

But before you go ahead and purchase them, make sure that you buy from an organization that provides authentic cigars. To ensure their authenticity, you should buy cigars that come with double band and individual numbers, which can be later checked for their authenticity. A single box purchase of Padron guarantees this gift, along with the specialty of smoothness and full bodied flavor. Make sure that you buy box pressed cigars for the best deals and lowest rates online.

Our organization, Mike’s Cigars is currently distributing the deal, where you can get a baseball cap free with Padron 1926 Serie. Make sure that you visit the website to clinch the best deals on cigars!


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